Ensure Industry friendly Legislation

o   Tax Regime- Gain Favored Industry Status

o    Prevent use of Shisham in low value added furniture

o    Ensure Sustainable Forestry

o    Dedicated Furniture Export Promotion Zones

Improve Supply Chain

o   Attract Investors to Stock unavailable raw Materials

o    Encourage specialization upstream and downstream

o    Raw Material and Wood Banks

o    Forest Stewardship Council

Local and International Marketing of Pakistani products

o   Multi-brand Stores- Nationally and Internationally

o    Resource Book

o    Country Market Survey Reports

o    Hiring of marketing Consultants internationally

o    Exhibitions Nationally and Internationally

Create Skilled Human Resource at all levels

o   Liaise with existing training centers to generate Trade workforce

o    Short Courses for existing workforce

o    Job Branding to attract people

Technology Up gradation within industry

o   Attract German and Italian manufacturers to setup presence in Pakistan ( Marketing and after sales)

o    Benchmarking Visits

o   Joint Ventures through trade commissions for providing Machines on lease

Bring Product Quality at par with highest International Standards

o   Attract Testing Centers

o    Setting and advertising Product Standards